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Neck pain is a common problem in our society, and Dr. Justin Ashlock is here to help. Neck pain can be caused from work or auto injuries, poor posture, or just everyday stress and strains.


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Neck pain is one of the most common complaints seen in Owasso chiropractic offices, today. Neck problems may arise from trauma, like car accidents and sports injuries or long-term over-use syndromes like computer use, improper seating postures, heavy backpacks and poor sleeping positions.
The neck (cervical spine) is a very important area of the spine. Dysfunction in this area of the spine may, not only produce neck pain, but a variety of symptoms like shoulder and arm pain, numbness and tingling and headaches and even promote pain and stiffness between the shoulder blades.

Owasso Best Neck Pain Treatment

For more than a decade, Dr. Ashlock has helped hundreds of people suffering from neck problems, utilizing gentle and specific adjustments that have proven highly effective for improving function, decreasing pain and stiffness and removing nerve pressure and irritation.