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Knee & Leg Treatment

Problems in extremities like shoulders, feet, knees, and wrists can hamper many of our day-to-day activities. These types of problems can arise from both the spine and the extremity, itself. The good news is that these extremities typically respond very well with chiropractic care! Dr. Ashlock is trained in a variety of techniques to help restore proper function and motion in these joints to allow the healing process to begin.

Whether you’re suffering from arthritis or repetitive stress injuries, joint pain can severely limit your quality of life and everyday activities. Dr. Ashlock uses a gentle and effective adjustment he has perfected over the years specifically for extremities to improve your range of motion and reduce pain.

Dr. Justin Ashlock sees a wide variety of health issues that benefit from chiropractic care and one problem he routinely treats is frozen shoulder. Frozen shoulder generally consists of three stages:

  • The freezing stage which is when the pain sets in and motion starts to become limited
  • The frozen stage as the shoulder becomes stiffer and harder to move
  • The thawing stage which is when the pain and stiffness begin to lessen

As reported in the literature, chiropractic has been found to totally alleviate frozen shoulder symptoms for some people, offering a complete recovery from the pain and stiffness that come with this particular condition. In others, people with frozen shoulder have reported significant relief, ranging from 50 to 90 percent improvement.

Dr. Justin Ashlock is your number one choice for chiropractic care and is here to help you with all of your health issues. To learn more about chiropractic and it’s benefits and how we can help you, give our office a call today at (918) 272-0444.


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