Chiropractor in Owasso, OK

There are many different kinds of headache, but Dr. Justin Ashlock has experience with a wide variety of headache pain: cervicogenic, stress, auto injuries, and migraine.


Headache Specialist in Owasso, Oklahoma

If you suffer with headaches, you are not alone! Nine out of ten people in America suffer from headaches of some fashion.
The most common types of headaches are caused by lack of proper positioning and motion in the structures along the neck, base of the skull and shoulder region which cause dysfunction and nerve irritation, which elicit pain. The pain is your body’s way of letting you know that there is a problem. Pain relieving medication is nice for a quick-fix, but only “masks” the pain, temporarily.

Owasso Best Headache Treatment

Dr. Justin Ashlock’s gentle Owasso chiropractic techniques help to restore proper positioning and motion back to the dysfunctional areas of the spine which remove the stress and irritation from the nerves and takes care of the cause of the pain, as opposed to numbing the nerve with harmful drugs or injections.