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Patient Testimonials

My wife and new baby were patients of Dr. Ashlock first. My wife would come home telling me how amazing she felt and how I needed to go see him. I wasn’t in pain so I didn’t listen. Well, my back went out and I had a few disks bulge and I was told I needed surgery. I decided to give Chiropractic a try and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results that Dr. Ashlock in Owasso provided. I am very thankful Dr. Ashlock kept me from having back surgery. David P.

I met Dr. Ashlock, his wife, and staff at the Owasso Gathering on Main. I could not believe the kindness they showed me and how detailed they were when it came to answering my questions. I have been a patient for a few months now. I actually never thought I needed Chiropractic care because I’ve never had back pain. I have seen 100% turn around in my health and overall well being since I started. I am in LOVE withChiropractic and it’s health benefits! – Kerri T.

I am a long time patient of Dr. Ashlock. I actually crawled into his office. Dr. Ashlock has always been very thoughtful and listens to my every complaint and treats me like family. Without Dr. Ashlock I know I would have needed back surgery. I can’t praise him enough for all of his hard work. I am a full believer in Chiropractic and send everyone I know toAshlock Chiropractic. – Kay B.

Dr. Ashlock and Staff are amazing! Dr. Ashlock offers excellent care. There is never a wait and they always have a smiling face. Dr. Ashlock is always reasdy to provide advice in addition to my treatment. I feel 100% better now and I would strongly recommend thisOwasso Oklahoma 74055 office. Ashlock Chiropractic is the place you want to be! – Norman D.

I was referred to Dr. Justin Ashlock after my auto accident by my attorney in Owasso. My attorney knew chiropractic was what I needed and said Dr. Ashlock at Ashlock Chiropractic came highly recommended I had severe whiplash and I was in a lot of pain. Dr. Ashlock was very gentle throughout all of my care. He got me feeling 100% normal again. If you need a great Chiropractor, Dr. Ashlock is the the one to see! – Amber M.

I have been a runner for many years and live for running. I injured my low back during training and could hardly move. I was referred to Dr. Ashlockby fellow athletes who knew he would be the one to help me. After a series of treatments I am back to doing what I love most! Thank you Dr. Ashlock! – Michelle